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About Us

C&T has worked in the Portuguese footwear business for over three decades.

Sustainable Shoes Manufacturer

C&T delivers custom-made products with a production that can be found from North to South of the Globe, with specialized teams and strict supervision during the production line.

The future also involves the responsibility and appreciation of all the collaborators who work so that we can continue to be an institution of excellence, avant-garde, transparent and sustainable.

We know that today’s choices will define tomorrow’s future

Sustainable & Responsible Manufacturing

Have you ever wondered how shoes are made?

It’s a detailed, hard-working dedicated process.
Let’s take a peek at ours.

Firstly, we will receive your design, use modulation and send you a prototype.

Then, we will start cutting, sewing, assembling and then we will make the finishes.

Our last step is quality control and then the packaging.

Green is in
our DNA

Through creative design and sustainable raw materials, we preserve
the environment with our brands: Efy – Eco fit by you & Melfy –
Make eco life fit you.

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    With a reputation for high-quality and innovative products, C&T is a Portuguese company dedicated to designing, manufacturing and distributing private-label shoes.